Do Escape Rooms Have Emergency Exits?

Do Escape Rooms Have Emergency Exits?

Those interesting in getting involved in escape rooms once lockdown restrictions end might be wondering:

Do escape rooms have emergency exits?!

It’s obviously a reasonable question!

Do Escape Rooms Have Emergency Exits?

In the UK, providing emergency exits is mandated by law under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) 2005.

This law charges those responsible for non-domestic premises with the safety of everyone inside, regardless of whether they’re employed there or are visiting the building.

These exits must be:

  • Well lit and signposted
  • Lead as quickly and efficiently as possible to a safe area
  • Must be kept clear at all times
  • Staff must be trained in emergency and fire situations
  • Risk assessments must be carried out prior to opening

FireSafe UK has evaluated the law, also breaking down the specific legal requirements for buildings that are occupied by a certain number of people, as these require a greater number of exits.

it’s a similar story in the US where fire safety laws are provided by the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM).

So, in summary, escape rooms do have emergency exits. If you are concerned about this for whatever reason then be sure to ask someone on-site, or to ring ahead for information.

Most escape rooms are set up on official, modern premises, e.g. adapted offices, converted military bases, warehouses or other repurposed buildings. UK building standards require fire and emergency specifications to be met.

Escape Room Safety

Escape room safety has been a key subject discussed at the Escape Room Industry Conference (ERIC), hosted annually in the UK.

Despite the illusion of imprisonment or restriction, owners of UK escape rooms have been quick to highly that this is indeed an illusion – it’s a game after all!

In an ITV interview on escape room safety, David Middleton, the owner of Bewilder Box in Brighton said:

“Regulations in the UK are strict and standards are very high”, David Middleton

Do Escape Rooms Lock the Doors?

Escape rooms simulate what it would be like to be trapped in a space or environment, but no, the doors should not be truly locked.

In the UK, it is illegal to lock people in a room under more than one law.

Different escape rooms have different levels of intensity or immersion, so some will involve greater peril than others. But even so, you aren’t truly locked up.

Additionally, there will always be marshals, gamemasters or other staff present and contactable.

If you start feeling anxious, overly stressed out, claustrophobic or unwell, then you will be able to stop the game immediately.

Of course, escape rooms aren’t for everyone. Epic Escapes offers escape-rooms-at-home that you can play in the comfort of your own house!

Think of escape rooms as somewhat similar to a cinema, bowling alley, arcade or even a bar or pub. If you want to leave, you can, and the way out should be clear.

Escape Rooms in the UK are Safe

UK escape rooms are safe and highly regulated, just like any other business premises.

The escape room premise – the game – does not change fire safety laws and regulations.

If you’re concerned, always check with staff who should be able to outline their fire safety protocol and emergency exits.

If all is well, and it should be, then go ahead and enjoy the game!


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