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Beach Brainteaser
History and Future of Escape Rooms Maze

Brainteasers! Whether you love ‘em or find them gruelling, annoying but ever-so-satisfying, they’re an awesome way to get the cogs turning, neurons firing and grey matter twitching. Whether you find yourself breezing through brainteasers, solving them in seconds, or tend to need to sit down and think real hard, our special brainteasers will give you plenty of food for thought.

Brainteasers are an excellent way to stimulate our minds and solving them can be incredibly satisfying!

Brainteasers have existed for thousands of years and ultimately developed from riddles. Riddles have been a part of folklore, culture and storytelling since the Ancient Egyptians at least. In fact, the first riddle found inscribed on Egyptian papyrus was dated all the way back to 1650BC!

Escape Room In A Box

What is Epic Escapes?

Epic Escapes is an innovative provider of escape rooms you can set up at home. Yep, with our escape-rooms-in-a-box, it’s possible to enjoy the fun, excitement and challenge of fully-developed escape rooms without even leaving the front room! This is a real game-changer, especially when compared to conventional board games.

Not only are escape rooms fun and challenging for all from every age group, but they’re social too and offer a means to mix up the standard day-to-day games we play at home. It’s a new way to enjoy sociable fun in a comfortable setting that is also stimulating, exciting, and challenging – it’s a very unique mix!

We’ve researched and developed some of the best brainteasers and riddles out there and will bring them to your inbox so you can share them with friends and family, after you’ve racked your own brains to find the answers of course! Think you’ve got what it takes to crack our brainteasers? Come on in!