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Suitable for 1-6 Players

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Why are our printable games awesome?

🏠 Perfect for At-Home Gatherings - With Printable Escape Rooms, no matter how large or small the group, everyone can participate. Suitable for 1-6 players, no set-up required and much more affordable than a night out.

🧳 Experience a Real Adventure - Put on your detective hat and investigate this intricate mystery from the comfort of your own home! These games will leave you laughing and full of wonder at their crafty cleverness.

🎉 Bring a Big Event Home - Need an evening to bond? Put together your closest friends, print out our escape rooms, and have a night of cooperative solving with plenty of time to get caught up.

What are the benefits of printable games vs venue-based escape rooms?

💵 Affordable - Enjoy our games at a fraction of the cost it would take to go to a physical escape room, giving you maximum bang for your buck!

✅ Flexibility and Convenience - Get your fix of escape rooms from the comfort of your own home with no set-up required. You can choose to print in either colour or black & white!

🍻 Interact With Friends - Invite 1-6 people to enjoy this fun and entertaining activity from the comfort of their homes, either as part of a team or with a gamemaster for an enhanced experience.


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