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“The next time we go on holiday with friends, Epic Escapes will be coming along for the trip. The games from Epic Escapes are one of the only play-at-home experiences we’ve found that, when played correctly, can accurately and easily transport an escape room into your living room. If you’re looking for something to spice up your usual boardgame night, look no further.”

“A really well designed, high quality, at home product, with a clear story and flow. Brilliant for first time escape roomers as the puzzles were well structured and understandable.”

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“The components included for these experiences are an amazing quality and all reusable for future games too. Some of the paper components might get damaged, but these are available to be reprinted any number of times so you don’t need to worry about keeping everything pristine! Each game also comes with a set of clues to guide you if you get stuck and a solutions page for the host to read so help is always available!”

“What sets Epic Escapes apart from the other play at home games we have played, is that you’re provided with actual lockable boxes and padlocks (along with a couple of other things that I won’t spoil!) and therefore there is an added excitement for any enthusiast, and that is setting up the room itself, where all the padlocks have to be set to the correct codes and the puzzles aspects hidden in your room of choice!”

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Brain stretcher

Great fun although we didn't completely solve within the self-imposed time limits. When looking at solutions it all seemed logical and frustrating as we were so close!

Got us thinking

As we had kids involved we did use the clues but it got us all thinking and was great

murder scallywag

Thoroughly enjoyed it and was fun

Fun but difficult

Really enjoyed this with my family , we found some parts quite easy but some really difficult xx fun hour or a little more xx

Good but hard

Really enjoy it but had to use the clues as we couldn't work out what we needed to look for. Good for the brain. Would deffo purchase another one as now we know how the game works.

Great fun

I printed this to take on a family holiday. As we were playing with children we used the clues to help. The children loved working out the codes to then help solve each of the puzzles. It was a great game for all of the family.

Fun and Not Too Difficult

Played on my own and really enjoyed the challenge. Took me a little bit to get started (had to refer to the clues in the beginning) but once I got going, I needed little help from the clues.

Great fun

This was very enjoyable, easy to understand, well thought out .
The right number of red herrings, no mistakes in the game play,
Great for logic minded people

Good fun, makes our brains work

Four of us thoroughly enjoyed this game. Reasonably hard but not too much that it put us off. Great fun

Difficult but engaging!

My 12 year old son didn't enjoy this puzzle , but then very different to the physical escape games we do and he loves. I was disappointed that we had to use all the clues and still didn't solve in an hour..but...It has left me wanting to give it another go but not sure I will unless I've tried a further free one first to see if just need to get used to the format .........

Excellent material and an hour of fun

The murderous scallywag escape room material was easy to follow and sufficiently challenging to keep everyone engaged. I'd highly recommend this to others.

Very entertaining.

Good fun, everyone enjoyed the puzzle.

Great night away from the TV

Me, my partner and my family took a night away from the TV to play the game. It was very well thought out. The instructions were clear. It was very puzzling but kept us entertained for hours, with only minor 'arguments'. We almost gave up but we got there in the end. It was more difficult than we expected but that may be the fact that its the first time all of us doing something together!

Great Fun

Very well presented, good fun and mind bending.


Worked it with my 15 year old and we can't want to do another game together.

The Murderous Scallywag

very entertaining, kept everyone engaged

Date night game

Date night at home , this game is the one gets u thinking working as a team and talking.
Made us laugh and talking a lot more phone was only used for cluse as scaned them and nothing else

Kids Love It

I work at a SEN school for boys. They loved it. Kept talking about it all day. Thank you

Students loved it

Introduce this into one of my teaching sessions, the students engaged really well, even though they didn’t complete the escape room in the 60 minutes they thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to trying it again
Highly recommended

Worth a Try

I played this with my wife and parents (in their 60s). I am experienced in escape rooms and they were all newbies.
We thought we would give this a try as it was a lot cheaper than an actual escape room.

It was overall good fun. However some of the puzzles weren't as self evident as they could have been (there were minimal instructions and no logical order) and we needed to resort to the clues more than we would have liked.

We did have a few moments of 'oh that was clever' but also a few 'how would someone have guessed that?' moments too.

Definitely worth trying especially if you have some experience of escape rooms.


Great printable escape room, definitely recommend!

So much fun

I had so much fun solving this! There was lots of aspects that joined together to lead you to the final answer.

Great fun family time -love it

We purchased Escape Room in a Box for Christmas for my 13 and 10 year old boys. We set up the easiest of the three with padlock restrictions preventing access to the Christmas gifts left by Santa. They were over the moon…. This added an additional memory to Christmas morning and we lad loads of fun. They have since completed the other games, plus 2 printables. My boys love riddles and puzzles and have enjoyed every aspect of the Epic games. We look forward to seeing what will follow.

Loved it

Thoroughly enjoyed working through this puzzle by myself. Not crazy hard but satisfying level of difficulty for me. Managed without resorting to clues but took much longer than an an hour : )

Fab game

We really enjoyed the game and recommend it. Great way to spend an evening. We did need most of the clues