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“The next time we go on holiday with friends, Epic Escapes will be coming along for the trip. The games from Epic Escapes are one of the only play-at-home experiences we’ve found that, when played correctly, can accurately and easily transport an escape room into your living room. If you’re looking for something to spice up your usual boardgame night, look no further.”

“A really well designed, high quality, at home product, with a clear story and flow. Brilliant for first time escape roomers as the puzzles were well structured and understandable.”

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“The components included for these experiences are an amazing quality and all reusable for future games too. Some of the paper components might get damaged, but these are available to be reprinted any number of times so you don’t need to worry about keeping everything pristine! Each game also comes with a set of clues to guide you if you get stuck and a solutions page for the host to read so help is always available!”

“What sets Epic Escapes apart from the other play at home games we have played, is that you’re provided with actual lockable boxes and padlocks (along with a couple of other things that I won’t spoil!) and therefore there is an added excitement for any enthusiast, and that is setting up the room itself, where all the padlocks have to be set to the correct codes and the puzzles aspects hidden in your room of choice!”

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Very enjoyable.

This game was a real teaser, with lots of puzzles to work out. I didn't manage to finish it in the hour but I thoroughly enjoyed it nevertheless. Would recommend to all.


My daughter and i love escape rooms and this didn't disappoint. We loved it!


I spent a couple of hours "previewing' it... Frustratingly brilliant!
I haven't unleashed this on my son yet - saving it for his birthday bash.

Kept me awake all night

Need something for nights at work and this was perfect. Love escape rooms and this was perfect.

Great game

Enjoyed playing this and solving how it all fit together. We were stuck with one part but the hints were really helpful and in a structured way. Ideal for a rainy day.

Tricky but fun

We had fun doing this escape room. It was something different but interesting. It did get a bit difficult at times but the clues are helpful in a cryptic sort of way. It was our first time doing something like this and we'd definitely do it again.

Fun family game

We were really impressed with the variety of clever, lateral thinking puzzles, it was pitched just right to fill the allotted hour. Hints were helpful without giving too much away. The whole family enjoyed pitching in to solve the mystery!

Fun for adults as well

Me and my friends attempted this mystery together. Definitely didn't pass the time frame but it was super fun

An entertaining evening

We played this escape game as a family and really enjoyed it. The puzzles weren't straightforward, but there were enough clues to get your teeth into what was needed. We were able to solve all but two of the puzzles and that was enough to crack the final answer. A well put together game and we enjoyed the theme having a background in chemistry - you don't need any special knowledge really! 🙂

A fun think to do at home rather than watch TV!

Great fun! Quite tricky for us as we are not that quick off the mark, but very well structured. Lots of clues and answers so you never really get totally stuck.

Fun Game

My family enjoyed solving the puzzles. It was interesting as there was not a sequential order to solve the problems which I have not experienced before.

Great fun!

This was our first time to do a printable escape room but it was great fun! We received fast and excellent service from the Epic Escapes team. We plan to do more in the future!

Great entertainment

This kept my 2 grandkids and me entertained for an hour and got the grandkids working together bouncing ideas off each other

Kept us entertained

We have done plenty of at home and on-site escape rooms and this one was no disappointment. Was quite hard, had to use some clues, but we like to be challenged. It took us about 50 minutes. We took it away on a multi generational holiday, perfect

Looks wonderful

I have downloaded this game to play with my family when we are all together next. It looks very interesting and I am looking forward to it. If it plays as well as it looks we will be ordering from this company in the future.

Great Game

This was a tough and fun game, unlike many others I'd played online. It wasn't linear like many of them, instead it laid out all of the information for you and it was up to you to put it together! This made it so that multiple people could split up and work on puzzles at the same time, as if you were in a real-life escape. I really liked the detective theme as well and thought that it made you extra-sensitive to any bits of information that might be pertinent to the case. Overall, this is definitely one of the better print-and-plays I'd experienced, and it was free! You don't lose anything by checking this one out!

Great fun

Really enjoyed this. A great way to spend Sunday afternoon

Fun Evening

Initially we struggled to get started and used the additional help until we found our feet… Everyone enjoyed it and it made for a fun evening!

Lots of fun

Had a great time doing the puzzle, lots of fun, would recommend

Site is nice and easy to use. Puzzles written nice and clearly at first glance

Great for a night in

It was hard enough to make you really think about it without being ridiculous. We did have to use some clues on a couple things though.
Would definitely recommend and we'll look to purchasing one of the others soon.

Great Brain Teaser

It definitely challenged us and took over 45 minutes to complete. We did need to use the additional help to start with, but once we got into the swing of the game, it was great. Also, great to have friends around and you can then be the guide to assist your friends.

Good fun

A good mixture of puzzles which were easy to understand. We enjoyed solving them very much and would definitely like to do more.

Awesome escape room games

great fun, tricky enough to feel rewarding but so easy to set up. we did one for a stag do and it went down an absolute storm!

Very clever puzzles you can get your teeth into

The puzzles arrived in easy to print files and because of the clever qr code system for the clues you don't risk any spoilers while printing. I struggled to get started but once into the swing of things we really enjoyed the game. I wouldn't have managed to get started without a couple of clues. The clues themselves are actually puzzles but I won't give away anymore on that. The game was brilliant because if the people you are playing with have to leave you to it as happened to me you can actually play on your own. The fact that you can play solo is a great thing as sometimes you can find yourself without a game buddy when you fancy a game