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“The next time we go on holiday with friends, Epic Escapes will be coming along for the trip. The games from Epic Escapes are one of the only play-at-home experiences we’ve found that, when played correctly, can accurately and easily transport an escape room into your living room. If you’re looking for something to spice up your usual boardgame night, look no further.”

“A really well designed, high quality, at home product, with a clear story and flow. Brilliant for first time escape roomers as the puzzles were well structured and understandable.”

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“The components included for these experiences are an amazing quality and all reusable for future games too. Some of the paper components might get damaged, but these are available to be reprinted any number of times so you don’t need to worry about keeping everything pristine! Each game also comes with a set of clues to guide you if you get stuck and a solutions page for the host to read so help is always available!”

“What sets Epic Escapes apart from the other play at home games we have played, is that you’re provided with actual lockable boxes and padlocks (along with a couple of other things that I won’t spoil!) and therefore there is an added excitement for any enthusiast, and that is setting up the room itself, where all the padlocks have to be set to the correct codes and the puzzles aspects hidden in your room of choice!”

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Awesome escape room games

great fun, tricky enough to feel rewarding but so easy to set up. we did one for a stag do and it went down an absolute storm!

Daniel Fountain
Perfect for the home or office

So I bought the 3 in 1 box package for a charity event at work and chose Hijacked as the game to play. The contents of the box are brilliant and the puzzles are well thought out and fun to play. So far 3 teams have taken part 2 of the 3 escaping, but only just. A great way to spend time with friends, family or colleagues and its just as much fun as the host because you can laugh at the silly things being said as they scratch their heads trying to solve the puzzles!


Bought the 3 in 1 escape rooms.
Love them.
So much fun with family and friends.
Money well spent.
Only played the one so far but simple to set up and what fun watching others try to fathom it out .

Morag Mather
Great Game

Everyone enjoyed playing the escape room. We still have two more Escapes to play. The instructions to set up the game were easy to follow. Great fun.

Highly recommend

So so pleased with our purchase. It was thoroughly enjoyed at our party and so many people asked for details on where I bought it. Harry was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much and can't wait to see what is released in the future 🙂