At Home Escape Room Grid

Transform a room in your home into an epic escape room!

Transform a room in your home with challenging puzzles and devilish clues. The clock is ticking – create an unforgettable night of fun with family and friends!

Get our Escape Room In A Box (3 Game Bundle) for three epic escape rooms that you can play at home – includes Hijack, Piracy and Crimethree rooms in one box.



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What do our customers say about our escape rooms?

Transform your home into an immersive escape room

60 Minutes To Escape

60 Mins To Escape Each Room

You and your team have 60 minutes of fun challenges to escape each escape room.

47+ Puzzles

Over 47 Puzzles To Solve!

Our Escape Room In A Box (3 Game Bundle) contains over 47 puzzles, locks and props.

3-6 Players

Suitable For 3-6 Players  

Each of our escape rooms are designed for 3-6 players (including a host to set up the games).

Multiple groups of players

Reusable With Multiple Groups

All the components in our escape rooms are reusable so you can reuse your games with different players. 

Are you ready for the challenge of helping your teammates escape?

You have just 60 minutes to escape the room, so you need to get cracking as the clock is ticking! Each of the elements you need to crack the codes can be found in your very own at-home escape room, but will you decipher the clues fast enough to escape?

Puzzles, plotlines, tension, gadgets, props, mystery and an air of intrigue – the at home escape room has it all, and you don’t even need to leave your house to play!

Teamwork, creativity, logic, and attention to detail will be needed to unlock the door and make your escape in time!

Play three immersive escape rooms In your own home


You will need to work fast to save the plane, crew and 170 passengers! Do you have what it takes to unravel the clues and puzzles to work out the hijacker’s plan before it is too late?

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Your ship’s captain is a traitor! He is diverting the vessel to a warlord and delivering a dangerous cargo into lethal hands. Can you and your team use the clues to escape and stop a catastrophe?

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Housesitting can be dangerous when your friend turns out to be a mafia boss and you are locked in his panic room! Logic and lateral thinking are needed to escape before the oxygen runs out.

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So, how can I play an escape room game at home?

At home escape rooms are interactive puzzle games that you can set up in your own home.

They’re best compared to board games, but they’re different in a number of crucial ways.

Firstly, there is no board – you’ll be presented with a storyline, guide and a series of puzzles and/or challenges. These involve codes, hidden messages and clues as well as physical props and gadgets including lockboxes and padlocks – very cool.

The point is to solve the puzzles, beat the storyline and escape – or succeed – in time.

Epic Escapes Escape Room At Home

This will challenge your lateral thinking and problem-solving skills and test your creativity too – things can get pretty tense and exciting when you’re beginning to run out of time!

The escape-room-at-home is also a lot more interactive than a board game, immersing you in storylines that put you at the centre of mutinies, hijackings and criminal plots!

An excellent alternative to your standard board games, TV and video games, the escape-room-at-home is an awesome new home entertainment option that offers something genuinely new and original.

Also, because you’ll be at home, you can set your own pace and choose how seriously you take things. Props, actors, music – you can dress up as pirates or spies – or stop to put the kettle on mid-way through saving a plane from being hijacked – the choice is yours!

Our Escape Room In A Box (3 Game Bundle)…

Epic Escapes Escape Room In A BoxEscape rooms by Epic Escapes are cleverly crafted to provide hours of immersive fun. Everyone can participate, including children (with supervision). The games are exciting with plenty of action but there are no adult themes.

Plus, each of our escape rooms is intricately designed with high-quality components and can be reused many times!

Our Escape Room In A Box (3 Game Bundle) set contains 3 escape rooms at varying difficulty levels for beginners, novices and hardened escape room veterans. You’ll find everything you need to get started in the box – just dim the lights, set a timer, play some tense or eerie music to taste and you’re good to go!

At Home Escape Room Components

How Our Escape Rooms Work

Our at-home escape rooms are designed for 3-6 players and suitable for all the family.

How Our At Home Escape Room Games Work