Are Escape Rooms Fun?

Are escape rooms fun?

You’re confined in a room, you’ve got limited time to get out and you’ve got to think…and think a lot. When you distil escape rooms down to this, it’s perhaps not surprising that some ask the question ‘are escape rooms fun?’

Of course they are fun! In fact, the way escape rooms draw you in and entertain you makes them fun for many people, including sceptics who really don’t feel that they’ll enjoy them.

It might really surprise you just how good you are at solving the puzzles, and trust us, it feels good when you do!

Escape Rooms are Fun

Escape rooms are pretty unique and they really differ from pretty much any other game or type of entertainment. They pitch our wits against the clock with both physical and mental games that test our thinking skills and instincts. We’re not only competing against the escape room itself, but against ourselves. Also, escape rooms can be competitive between family and friends as you can see who escapes the room and beats the clock in the fastest time!

A big part of the escape room experience, though, is teamwork. Usually, you’ll be working alongside others to escape. You might need to multitask and do different things simultaneously or work things out as a whole team in order to solve puzzles and escape. This is what has made the escape room a go-to experience for team building sessions. Escape rooms are actually part of training at top firms like Google!

Escape Rooms are Healthy

Escape rooms are unique in that they combine physical action with mental skills. You’re not just using your brain but also engaging the senses. Sight, smell, touch and hearing may all come into play during your escape room experience. Escape rooms test our thinking powers and logic whilst also engaging our motor coordination and this gives them a pretty powerful beneficial effect on our mental health. In fact, escape rooms have featured in numerous scientific research that repeatedly highlights how great they are for our mental and physical skills.

Escape Rooms are for Everyone

Escape rooms aren’t just for hardcore fans of the niche. They’re great for everyone and the majority of escape rooms can cater to audiences of all skill levels and experience. This goes for both adults and kids, in fact, kids may be better than adults at solving even some of the toughest puzzles!

Escape Rooms are Flexible

You no longer need to travel to enjoy an escape room. Escape rooms at home provide the fun and excitement of escape rooms in the comfort of your own home! With some awesome high-quality puzzles and atmospheric storylines, Epic Escapes’ escape rooms provide a fresh take on this awesome growing genre of games and entertainment


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