Are Escape Rooms Scary?

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Escape rooms have become much more popular in recent years, they’re super fun, engaging and thrilling for all involved. The notion of being locked in a room may terrify many and even without any claustrophobic tendencies, people do tend to wonder; are escape rooms scary?

They certainly can be! It depends on the escape room and its theme. Most escape rooms are at least intriguing and mysterious at first but others are designed to be much more intense. They might combine horror themes with gory visuals and other thrills and spills to suit fans of these sorts of experiences. For the most part, though, escape rooms are not particularly scary.

Of course, it goes without saying really that people who suffer from genuine claustrophobia may not enjoy escape rooms, but they could be a brilliant way to challenge the fear!

The vast majority of escape rooms are escapable at any point should you give up or signal to the gamesmaster who will be on hand to assist you. The point of most escape rooms isn’t really to instil fear at all, but to create a thrilling and exciting atmosphere whilst players tackle puzzles and challenges to escape the room.

What if I can’t Escape?

Some people worry that they won’t be able to escape and think it could be embarrassing. Don’t worry about this – most escape rooms are designed for all people. There are some escape rooms around the world that are notoriously difficult and more-or-less reserved for battle-hardened veteran escape artists but the vast majority cater to players of all levels of experience.

If you can’t solve a clue or puzzle then you’ll usually be able to ask your gamesmaster for a clue to help you. You may have a finite limit of clues you can use up. These are there to help you and many players will have to use them – it is certainly not embarrassing!

Escape Rooms at Home

For those that do suffer from claustrophobia or otherwise aren’t fully comfortable with the idea of an escape room, escape rooms at home provide an excellent alternative.

Epic Escapes offer escape rooms in a box that you can set up within any room of your house. You can play in the comfort of your own home and it’s down to you to embellish the game and create your own atmosphere with stirring music or family members standing in as actors.

The Epic Escapes Starter Pack contains 3 escape rooms of varying difficulties so don’t think escape rooms at home aren’t challenging! They’re suitable for even the toughest escape roomers and can provide hours of awesome entertainment.

For those wondering ‘are escape rooms scary?’, escape rooms at home provide an awesome way to enjoy the thrill of the puzzles and challenges in a safe environment.


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