How to Host an Escape Room Party

How to Host an Escape Room Party

Escape rooms at home are absolutely perfect for cracking out at parties with friends and family. They really break the trend of lame old repetitive board games and mix it up with something all the more engaging, immersive, fun and exciting.

Now more than ever we’re looking for ways to have new kinds of fun within the safety of our home. Whether you’re playing with family, waking everyone up after a lovely meal and few wines or are inviting your other family or friends over, escape room parties can inject something new into your life.

Escape Rooms at Home

Some of us may be very familiar with escape rooms whereas others may have never visited one. Either way, they’re getting more popular and more are springing up. Escape rooms combine immersive real-world action with challenging puzzles that demand concentration, lateral thinking and teamwork.

The escape room at home is a recent development that allows you to do what it says on the tin: to set up your own fantastic escape rooms at home!

Escape Room Parties

Escape rooms are an excellent option for hosting parties and can replace the old conventions of a few board games or cards. Whether it’s rainy days in holidays, night times, winter or any other time of the year, escape rooms can spice up party nights no matter who you have coming over.

Compete Against Each Other

Escape rooms have a competitive side to them. This is enhanced when we play at home as we can compete with family and friends to secure the best times. New guests over? See if they can beat your time and get their names on your household leaderboard!

Play With Family

If you’re hosting a family party then escape rooms are awesome for getting each other to engage and work together towards collective goals. The at home escape rooms from Epic Escapes are all child-friendly too, so they’re great for keeping highly energetic restless kids engrossed in a family activity!

Play with Friends

Escape room parties are awesome with friends. Get competitive and see who can crack the puzzles quickest and compare times between different escape rooms to see who’s strengths lie where. Who’s the best at stopping terrorist hijackers? But what about escaping from mafia gang bosses?! With themes and storylines, Epic Escapes have devised some great escape rooms in our escape room in a box that are as engaging as they are engrossing!


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