How To Set And Reset The Epic Escapes Door Lock

Epic Escapes Door Lock

We will soon be posting a video guide showing how to use, set and reset the hanging door lock…

To change the code:

  1. The default code is 0000. On the back of the code mechanism, you will find a small switch that moves to RESET position. Move the switch into the RESET position.
  2. Change the code dial to your desired new code, and then move the switch back to its original position (not reset).
  3. Your new code is now set.

NOTE: For closing the lock, the switch must NOT be in reset mode.

To hang on your door handle:

  1. To open the hanging loop (to hang it over your door handle as the escape lock), open the safe and underneath the loop you will find a RELEASE switch. Slide this switch to the left and pull gently on the hanging loop.
  2. Release the switch, hang the safe over your door handle and reinsert the hanging loop into the hole on the top of the safe.

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