Can you and your team solve the puzzles and escape the room?

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Starter Pack

Includes Hijack, Piracy and Crime escape rooms…

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Hijack, Piracy & Crime are the three epic escape games included in our Escape Room In A Box (Starter Pack). Expansion Packs will available to purchase soon with many more epic escape rooms for you to enjoy. Everything you will need to play the Expansion Packs is included in your Starter Pack.

Crime Escape Room

You’re house-sitting for a friend who has gone away to Italy. All was going well, until some people started angrily banging on the door in the middle of the night. It turns out your friend is part of some kind of crime syndicate and owes these people money.

Fortunately, you’ve found your way into your friend’s panic room. However, you’ve now locked yourself in and cannot get out or make contact with the police. The gangsters have left, but you only have one hour of oxygen left in the secured panic room. You need to figure out how to escape the room and get help!

You must work out what’s going on and why your friend has a panic room in order to figure out how to escape the room to save yourselves…

Crime escape room is available as part of our Escape Room In A Box (Starter Pack).