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The Murderous Scallywag Printable Escape Room Teaser

Game Essentials:

Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

Time To Escape: 1 hour

Number of Players: 1-6

Suitable for Single Player: Yes

Gamemaster: Optional / Not Required

The Murderous Scallywag

The year is 1902. The city is awash with villainous gangs, pickpockets and thieves. All very small fry, as there is only one big fish you are after.

You and your team of detectives have finally arrested the notorious murderer David “Scallywag” Wallis. Word has it that he has committed around 20 murders.

With the hot glow of a bulb glaring in his eyes, sat in an interview room, you finally make Wallis spill the beans.

He tells you that all the evidence you need to pin the murders on him, is locked in a safe in a hidden location.

Can you find the location of the hidden safe and the code to open it before the murder escapes justice?

Printable Escape Room Game Teaser 2
Inside The Printable Escape Room

How Printable Escape Rooms Work - What's Included

A printable escape room that you can download and print on your home (or office) printer - in colour or black & white!

Immediately after purchase, you'll automatically receive an email with links to download the PDF files to print.

There are three files:

  • Instructions & Hints (6 pages - 0.3MB)
  • Puzzles (15 pages - 22MB)
  • Solutions (1 page - 0.7MB)

This printable escape room is designed to look great when printed on both a colour printer and on a black & white printer.

Either, you can play this game without a gamemaster - just print the pages and start playing - or you can play with a gamemaster - they print and hide the pages around a room and give you the hints when requested!