Three Little Riddles

three riddles

Here’s a collection of three short riddles. Some might be straightforward enough, but we expect at least one out of three to catch you out!

1: Guess the next three letters in the series – GTNTL

2: The number 8,549,176,320 is a unique number, but why??

3: What kind of room has no doors or windows?

See below for the answers!

Answer 1: The next letters in the series are I, T, S, “in the series” – look at the question again!

Answer 2: This number is unique as each individual number is listed in alphabetical order, as follows:

8 – Eight
5 – Five
4 – Four
9 – Nine
1 – One
7 – Seven
6 – Six
3 – Three
2 – Two
0 – Zero

Answer 3: This is more of a classic riddle. The answer is mushroom!


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