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Transform your living space into an exciting escape room adventure with Epic Escapes.

Escape Room In A Box by Epic Escapes
Escape Room At Home

Looking for an exhilarating ‘Escape Room At Home’ experience?

Welcome to Epic Escapes, where we bring the heart-pounding excitement of escape rooms right into your living room. Imagine diving into a world of puzzles, clues, and thrilling adventures without leaving the comfort of your home. With our expertly crafted escape room kits, you can transform any space into a captivating escape challenge that’s perfect for families, friends, and even solo adventurers.

Get ready to unlock the fun and create unforgettable memories with Epic Escapes!

What is an Escape Room At Home?

An ‘Escape Room At Home’ brings the excitement and challenge of traditional escape rooms into your living space. Imagine the thrill of solving intricate puzzles, uncovering hidden clues, and racing against the clock—all from the comfort of your own home. It’s an immersive experience that transforms your living room, kitchen, or any space into a captivating adventure zone.

Our ‘Escape Room At Home‘ kits come with everything you need to set up and play. Whether it’s our all-inclusive Escape Room In A Box or our convenient printable escape room games, you’ll find yourself engrossed in an adventure like no other. Perfect for family nights, birthday parties, or even a fun night in with friends, our games are designed to engage and entertain.

With Epic Escapes, you can enjoy the best of escape room experiences without the need to leave your home. Dive into a world of mystery, challenge your problem-solving skills, and enjoy an unforgettable adventure with your loved ones.

Why Choose Epic Escapes?

When it comes to creating the perfect ‘Escape Room At Home’ experience, Epic Escapes stands out for many reasons:

  • Immersive and High-Quality Experiences: Our games are meticulously designed to offer a truly immersive experience. From intricate puzzles to engaging storylines, every detail is crafted to transport you into the heart of the adventure.
  • Suitable for All Ages and Skill Levels: Whether you’re a novice or an escape room enthusiast, our games cater to all ages and skill levels. Everyone can join in on the fun!
  • Easy Setup with Clear Instructions: We make it simple to set up your escape room. With straightforward instructions, you’ll be ready to play in no time.
  • Perfect for Family Nights, Parties, and Team-Building Events: Our games are versatile and ideal for any occasion. Whether it’s a family gathering, a birthday party, or a corporate team-building event, Epic Escapes adds excitement and fun.

Our ‘Escape Room At Home’ Products

Discover the thrill of escape rooms with our exclusive range of products:

  • Escape Room In A Box: Everything you need for a thrilling escape room experience at home. Each box includes reusable components, varied difficulty levels, and engaging themes to keep you on your toes.

    • Key Features: Reusable components, multiple difficulty levels, fun and immersive themes.
  • Printable Escape Room Games: Instantly downloadable and easy to set up, our printable games are perfect for those who crave spontaneous fun. Simply print, set up, and dive into the adventure.

    • Key Features: Convenient, affordable, ready for immediate play.

No matter which product you choose, Epic Escapes ensures a captivating and enjoyable experience for all.

How to Set Up Your Escape Room At Home

Setting up your ‘Escape Room At Home’ is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these simple steps to start your adventure:

  1. Choose and Purchase Your Game: Browse our selection and pick the perfect escape room game for your occasion.
  2. Receive Your Box or Download Your Printable Game: Depending on your choice, either wait for your box to arrive or download your printable game instantly.
  3. Set Up in Minutes: Follow the provided instructions to set up your game in minutes. Arrange the clues and puzzles around your home to create an immersive experience.
  4. Enjoy the Thrilling Experience with Family and Friends: Gather your group and dive into the adventure. Work together to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and escape before time runs out!

Visual aids and detailed instructions are included with every game to ensure a smooth setup and an unforgettable escape room experience at home. Get ready to unlock the fun with Epic Escapes!

Frequently Asked Questions About ‘Escape Room At Home’

How long does it take to set up?

Setting up your ‘Escape Room At Home’ is quick and easy. Most of our games can be set up in just 5-15 minutes. Detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the process, ensuring you can start your adventure without any hassle.

Are the games suitable for children?

Yes, our escape room games are designed to be family-friendly and suitable for all ages. We offer different difficulty levels to cater to various age groups and skill levels. Younger children may need some assistance from adults, but everyone can join in on the fun!

Can the games be reused?

Our ‘Escape Room In A Box’ kits are designed to be reusable, allowing you to enjoy the adventure multiple times or share it with friends and family. Our printable games, however, are designed for single-use but can be easily reprinted for additional playthroughs.

What if I get stuck during the game?

Don’t worry! Each of our escape room kits comes with a comprehensive hint system to help you out if you get stuck. Simply refer to the provided hints to get back on track and keep the adventure going. Our goal is to ensure you have a fun and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

How many people can play at once?

Our escape room games are versatile and can accommodate different group sizes. Most of our games are designed for 2-8 players, making them perfect for family gatherings, parties, and team-building events. Check the specific product details for specific player recommendations.

Do I need any special equipment to play?

No special equipment is required to enjoy our escape room games. Everything you need is included in the kit or printable download. Just bring your problem-solving skills, creativity, and a sense of adventure!

Are there different themes available?

Yes, we offer a variety of themes to suit different interests and preferences. Whether you enjoy mysteries, adventures, or fantasy settings, you’ll find a theme that excites you. Explore our product range to find the perfect escape room experience for you.

How long does a game typically last?

Each game typically lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the difficulty level and the players’ problem-solving skills. Some games may offer multiple scenarios, allowing for extended playtime and replayability.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you create the best ‘Escape Room At Home’ experience possible!

Ready to Bring the Adventure Home?

Unleash the excitement of an escape room right in your living room with Epic Escapes. Our expertly crafted games are designed to provide endless fun, challenge your mind, and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. Whether you’re planning a family game night, hosting a party, or looking for a unique team-building activity, Epic Escapes has the perfect solution for you.

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Escape Room In A Box (3 Game Bundle)


Transform a room in your home into an escape room!

You have just 60 minutes to escape. The clock is ticking…

Teamwork, creativity and logic will be needed to solve the puzzles and escape the room in time.

✅  THREE epic escape rooms in one box.
Suitable for 3-6 players.
✅  Each game takes 60 minutes.

Includes: Hijack (Hard), Piracy (Intermediate) & Crime (Easy) – just £33 per room (£5.50 per person).

All orders are covered by our 100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

3500+ happy customers

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