Brainteaser #10 – The 15th Floor

New York Skyscrapers

A man lives on the 15th floor of a tall apartment building. Every morning, he follows the same routine. He’ll have breakfast, jump in the elevator and ride it down to the ground floor before proceeding to leave the building for work.

In the evening, however, he is left with a bit of a conundrum. First, he’ll watch to see if anyone goes in the elevator and then he’ll tag along with them but if it’s raining, he simply jumps straight in and rides it up to his floor. If no one comes and it hasn’t been raining, his only choice is to walk all the way up or ride the elevator to the 10th floor and walk the remaining 5 flights.

Why is this the case?

The man is very short! He is unable to reach elevator buttons above 10 as they are too high. He can, therefore, ride the elevator down just fine, but is unable to ride it up to his floor unless:

  1. Someone can press the button for him
  2. He can press it with an umbrella

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