Brainteaser #14 – Sherlock’s Plant Pots

Sherlock Holmes Brainteaser

Sherlock Holmes was enjoying a lovely cuppa by the hearth when SMASH! He rushed to the window to catch sight of a gang of unruly youths who had clearly smashed some plant pots in his front garden. They took off before he had a chance to catch them, but he got a good glimpse of them…they were the infamous Clarke brothers from down the road. Their names were Pete, Eric and Mark.

Later that week, clearly rattled by the fact they’d just committed criminal damage on none other than Sherlock Holmes’ property, one of the Clarke brothers posted a note through his door.

It read simply: “Holmes? Clarke”. 

How does Sherlock Holmes discover the main perpetrator from this information?

If the ‘?’ is read aloud as ‘question mark’ then this note reads: “Holmes question Mark Clarke”. 

Mark Clarke was the ringleader!

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