Brainteaser #19 – Knights and Jokers Part 2


Enjoyed the last brainteaser’s logic and deduction? Did you crack it? Here’s part 2!

On a stroll through the countryside, 3 familiar men appear ahead.

They are wearing blue, red and green.

Of course, you remember well; one is a spy, one is a knight and one is a joker. Knights always tell the truth. Jokers always lie.

“Who is the spy?!” you ask.

The blue man pipes up, “The man in red is the spy!”

The man in red defends himself, “No, the green man is the spy!”

The green man then says “Nope, I think you’ll find the man in red is indeed the spy!”

How do you work out who is the spy, the knight, and the joker?

Show Answer

Firstly, we assume that both the blue man and green man are telling the truth. This would mean the red man is the spy.

This cannot be the case, though, as this would mean the joker is either in green or blue. The joker never tells the truth and as such, the red man cannot be the spy.

This means both the green and blue man were lying. We then know that they are not the knight. The knight is in red.

Now we know the knight is in red, we know the green man is the spy and the blue man is the joker!

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