Brainteaser #20 – Infiltrating The Lion’s Den


You are an elite agent sent to infiltrate a secret society named the “Lion’s Den”.

You know very little of the Lion’s Den, and follow a trace on a rich arms dealer who is supposed to be travelling to the Den’s secret hideout. Located deep in the mountains, you find the menacing hideout entrance and watch the arms dealer make their approach.

*Door knocks firmly*

The doorman simply says, “Twelve”.

The arms dealer replies; “Six!”

You observe the door slide open silently and the arms dealer is granted safe passage.

Unconvinced, you wait for the next entrant. A shady looking person soon approaches the door.

*Door knocks firmly*

The doorman says, “Six”.

The shady man replies, “Three!”

At this stage, you think you’ve got the code sussed out. After approaching the door, you knock firmly.

The doorman says, “Sixteen”. 

To which you reply; “Eight!”

Immediately, guards rush to the entrance and apprehend you. Your fate is sealed.

What should you have said?

Show Answer

We assume that the code is merely halving the number posed by the doorman. So, six goes to three, twelve to six, and so on.

However, this is incorrect. In fact, the code is to say how many letters are in the word.

So, in twelve, there are six letters.

In six, there are just three letters.

The response to ‘sixteen’ should have been ‘seven!’ – that is the number of letters in sixteen. The previous responses were half of the question by mere coincidence only!

Maybe you should have waited longer?!

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