Brainteaser #22 – The Scuba Diver


This is a short one, and it’s actually based on an urban legend that we shall reveal with the solution.

Somebody is found dead in a forest wearing a scuba diving suit and gear.

There is no water nearby.

How did they get there?

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The forest was on fire and to put out the fire, firefighting planes scooped up water from a lake.

The scuba diver was in the lake – so they scooped him up too!

After being dropped on the fire from a great height, he met his rather nasty demise.

Wa-ter way to go!

This has been reported a few times over the years, but as summarised here, there is no evidence of it ever happening. Firefighting planes do indeed hose up water from lakes and other bodies of water near to fires. But, they pointed out that they use high-suction noses to harvest the water, not a big scoop that might catch a scuba diver.

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