Brainteaser #8 – The Chase


You’ve been on the run but you feel your legs are starting to give out, through another door, down another alleyway, over a fence, you glance back and you still haven’t shaken them off. Running full pelt down the street, your getaway car begins to loom in the distance, you pray your breath holds up just that little bit longer but you simply can’t pump enough blood to your legs to get there and crumple to the floor…the car takes off…darkness covers you.

You wake up in an abandoned warehouse and your nemesis is sitting there staring dead into your eyes. You know who he is and know how he deals with his enemies, he’s brought his firing squad with him, which are notoriously inaccurate, and you now understand your likely fate.

You beg for mercy until your nemesis offers you a deal. He gives you the chance to choose a quick death by arranging the firing squad the way you like, that way, hopefully, they will at least hit the target.

“You may choose how my men will stand when you are shot, you will remain tied to the post in the middle of the warehouse. They must be more than 10ft away from and must be facing you at all times. Maybe you will be able to secure yourself a quick death. If you are still alive by sunset, you will be free.”

How do you arrange the firing squad to maximise your chances of survival?

You arrange the men in a circle facing inwards towards you. This means none of the men dares pull the trigger with the risk of killing or being killed. At sunset, you are freed.

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