Dinner Party Game Idea

Friends at dinner party

Dinner parties often follow the usual template, you have a little reception time at the start where everyone mingles and has a drink followed by dinner and then after-dinner entertainment. Dinner parties cater to many audiences ranging from groups of adults enjoying some wine tasting and a sophisticated menu to fun dinner parties for family and friends of all ages. 

Without a quality activity to enjoy after dinner, dinner parties can just flatten out and end on a bum note. We’re all bored of the usual board games and post-dinner activities like charades, let’s be honest! Fortunately, no matter who you’re inviting over for dinner, you now have an awesome new option for post-dinner entertainment – the escape room in a box!

DIY Escape Rooms From Epic Escapes

Escape rooms have grown hugely in popularity but Epic Escapes’ DIY escape room is a fresh and innovative take on this growing genre. Using our escape room kits, you can actually build your very own DIY escape room in the comfort of your own home. This is a gamechanger, you’re no longer confined to those old-school dinner party games you play over and over, it’s time to get on your feet and engage the mind to take on awesome puzzles against the clock! 

The Escape Rooms Starter Kit

Our escape room kits contain 3 base games that can be expanded on with optional sets. Each escape room comes with its own accessories, puzzles and narratives. First up, you have Hijack, a high-octane escape room where you have to save an airliner, its crew and passengers from hijackers. Next, you have Piracy where you combat a rogue ship captain and his dangerous plan to deliver a payload into dangerous hands. Finally, we have Crime, where you have to escape from a mafia boss before your oxygen runs out!

Each escape room is at home fun for families and friends of all ages. How about competing in small teams? Or forming a house leaderboard to see who can escape in the quickest time? DIY escape rooms are engaging and fun and they get you moving and thinking, ideal for picking up the energy levels at any dinner party or gathering!


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