Escape Room at Home Ideas

Escape Room at Home Ideas

Have you heard of building your own escape room at home? We’re all used to playing the same old board games, watching TV or films or playing video games but escape rooms can transport us to somewhere entirely new within our own home.

Escape rooms are still pretty new and not everyone is familiar with them. They essentially combine puzzles, challenges and brainteasers with themes and props to pit our wits against the clock to escape a room before the timer runs out. They’re dynamic, fun and test our problem-solving and lateral thinking skills. It’s far different from playing a passive boardgame or even an active one like charades as escape rooms are more immersive and engrossing.

So, how do you set up an escape room from the comfort of your own home?

Set the Tone

Escape rooms have distinct themes and flavours that make them immersive and entertaining. You can easily generate your own themed escape room ideas in the comfort of your own home. Dim the lights, rearrange the furniture, dress up your grandad to look like a mafia boss…the possibilities are endless!

Epic Escapes’s escape room in a box contains 3 themed escape rooms pre-made for you. They’re all very engaging and are designed to immerse players in a storyline as they work to solve the puzzles. Of course, with your own creativity, you can take this to the next level.

Devise Some Puzzles

Escape rooms revolve around solving puzzles. Generally, you’ll have a set of tasks, some of which may be obvious and others may well be hidden and/or you’ll have to solve them without any hints or direction. They might range from cracking codes to hacking physical puzzles like locks.

In the Epic Escapes Starter Pack, you’ll receive a quality assortment of well-made puzzles and consumable items that you’ll need to solve to escape the room. Each of the 3 escape rooms has its own accessories so you’ll be able to mix it up each time you play.

Have Fun!

Escape rooms in your home are fun! There can be as much competition or pressure as you like and you can always have another go. You can challenge family and friends to beat your times and compete in small groups or couples. Escape rooms are child-friendly too and they’re great fun for mixing up those rainy days, Christmas time or summer holidays with a fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed by everyone.


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