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Games nights! They’re reliable, fun and they can take place in the comfort of your own home – what’s not to like?! 

We’re all probably accustomed to your usual games nights, frustrating Monopoly games that drag on for hours without any real conclusion, Trivial Pursuits where someone knows all the answers off by heart or Cluedo when someone is always seemingly able to just guess the culprit out of thin air…the list goes on. 

Fortunately, there is now another innovative, fun and extremely cool alternative to your bog-standard games nights. Enter the escape room at home!

Escape Room in a Box 

The DIY escape room is the new kid on the block when it comes to games nights. Escape rooms have skyrocketed in popularity, they provide a fresh take on games nights that take place in your own home by transforming a room of your choice into an escape room. You can then compete with others, or work as a team to break the codes and complete tasks to eventually escape the room. This combines the excitement of a time-pressured activity with a backline story and narrative that makes the game really come alive. You can set up leaderboards, play for fun or challenge guests to beat your time!

The Games Night Starter Pack 

Epic Escapes’ starter pack gives you everything you need to create your own escape room in your home. There are 3 escape rooms included, each with their own props, puzzles and backstories. You can either go head to head with a plane hijacker to race against time to save the passengers and crew in the Hijack escape room, attempt to stop a rogue ship captain from delivering his dangerous payload to criminals in Piracy or attempt to break free from a mafia boss’ escape room in Crime

Games night will never be the same again thanks to these awesome DIY escape rooms. Get up from your chair, start moving, start thinking and start solving the puzzles to escape! 


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