Escape Room In A Box

Escape Room In A Box

Prior to COVID19 and lockdown, escape rooms had been taking the world by storm. Now, there is a new way to get your escape room fix that is perfect for veterans and newcomers alike.

Enter, the escape room in a box!

The Escape Room in a Box

Escape rooms are typically actual rooms or buildings that you visit with friends, family, or alone – whatever floats your boat. There are many famous escape rooms now, such as Enigma Escape Room in London.

Not only are escape rooms great fun, but they really offer a new alternative to ‘standard’ days out and experiences. They combine skill, action and critical thinking skills whilst promoting teamwork. This has made them a staple for team building events as well as groups of friends and families.

But what about playing escape rooms from your own home?

Bringing the essence of an escape room to your home is Epic Escape’s mission. We’ve worked long and hard on developing the very best escape room games for your front room, bedroom or even kitchen or hallway – wherever takes your fancy!

This is a real gamechanger and switch-up from your average board games. It’s also an awesome way to get everyone off their phones, computers, laptops or TVs.

Escape Rooms by Epic Escapes

Epic Escapes have developed a Starter Pack that comes with not one, or two, but three unique escape rooms. It contains everything you need to set up and play your very own escape games in the comfort of your own home.

Inside, you’ll find:

  1. Crime: Our entry-level escape room, Crime pits your wits against an evil gang boss that has you interrogated in an escape room.
  2. Piracy: Medium difficulty, Piracy’s plot follows a mutiny at sea – your job is to get the bottom of what is going on and escape!
  3. Hijack: The hardest escape room, Hijack sees you play the role of an elite codebreaker with the responsibility of preventing a plane hijacking.

We are now also developing a series of awesome expansions for our base escape room games.

Each escape room can be played multiple times with multiple groups of people. You can take it as seriously as you like, which is ideal for nights in with family, friends, or anyone else that thinks they have what it takes!

Playing Escape Rooms at Home

Not only are our escape rooms awesome fun and great value, but they’re an excellent way to break the monotony of the usual home entertainment activities.

Escape rooms are great for escapism, which is something we all need from time to time.

These escape rooms can be enjoyed by players of all ages too, so they really are family-friendly and will get everyone involved, engrossed and engaged.

What isn’t to like?!


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