Make an Escape Room at Home

make an escape room at home

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly familiar and more and more people around the world are getting to know what they’re all about. Of course, we live in unprecedented times and public escape rooms are currently not always easily accessible.

Luckily for all, there is an alternative!

How to Make an Escape Room at Home

Have you thought about creating an escape room at home? Yep, it is possible. You just need the right ingredients; some puzzles and challenges, a little imagination and of course, determination!

Escape rooms have 3 main ingredients:

  • The storyline
  • A set of challenges and puzzles
  • The clock

Usually, the main goal of an escape room is to solve puzzles, clues, riddles and other challenges before the timer runs out. These often follow a story or plotline. Whether you’re pitting your wits as a secret agent against an international crime circle or are trying to break free from imprisonment at the hands of your arch-nemesis, escape rooms try to immerse you in a mysterious environment.

Escape Rooms by Epic Escapes

So, to set up and escape room at home you’ll need these 3 ingredients if you want to really get things off the ground!

This is where Epic Escapes comes in.

Our escape-rooms-at-home provides all you need to set up your very own high-quality escape rooms within your own house. You can set them up in whatever room you want, your living room, kitchen or even a bedroom. The Starter Pack contains 3 unique and original escape rooms, all of which have their own storyline, puzzles and props. They’re immersive, challenging, and really switch things up from the usual bang-average board games that we’re all probably way too used to playing! With superb reviews, escape rooms by Epic Escapes are innovative, fun and exciting for everyone.

Tips for Your Escape-Room-at-Home Experience

Here are some tips for making your escape-room-at-home experience as thrilling and enjoyable as possible:

Set the Tone

Escape rooms are about immersion and atmosphere as much as they are about the challenges themselves. Before you even read the instructions and storyline, make sure to get comfy, dim the lights and if you want, play some unsettling music or movie soundtracks!

Read the Guidance Carefully

Escape rooms such as those in the Epic Escapes Starter Pack should be intuitive and easy to follow. However, there are some more complicated bits, especially in the hardest of the 3 escape rooms. Make sure you read everything carefully and have a good grasp on what to do when the timer starts!

Have Fun 

As cliche as it may sound, having fun is the main aim of the game. Escape rooms are challenging, exciting and they test our thinking skills, but ultimately, they’re an awesome activity to enjoy with others. Consider competing between family and friends to discover who can achieve the fastest time, or set up leaderboards to pitch new players against the best times! Whether it’s Christmas, a rainy day, birthday party or just another weekend, escape-rooms-at-home will make an excellent addition to your games cupboard!




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