The History and Future of Escape Rooms

History and Future of Escape Rooms Maze

Escape rooms have skyrocketed in popularity and are now pretty much as well known as amusement parks and many of the other activities and attractions that we’re used to encountering. Making their way around the world, escape rooms are indeed a modern invention but their origins can be traced back to Victorian and Georgian Britain. Back then, escape rooms took the form of the traditional haunted house – it is from these which the first escape rooms took inspiration!

In 1915, an English fairground made the haunted house commercial and it really took off, capturing the imagination of the masses with a blend of theatre and fear. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that the modern escape room really took root, though, and the first large-scale public escape room True Dungeon opened in 2003 in Indianapolis. Several more escape rooms popped up around the world, most notably Real Escape Games in Japan who also created over 60 types of escape room games.

Now, you can find escape rooms in many cities and towns. However, the future of escape rooms lies in your own home…

Escape Room At Home

DIY escape rooms bring the fun, excitement, tension and stimulation of an escape room into your own home. They include innovative puzzles and storylines that will engross you in an intriguing fight against time to escape from a room of your choice!

Feel free to deck out your house to the max with props, family and friends playing as characters from the story or additional house rules. You can even set up leaderboards and compete alone or in teams. How about games nights where you run a little competition with a prize for the best escape time? Or a dinner party where couples have to team up to take on your escape room?

The possibilities are pretty endless and you can play over and over again – no more frustration if you simply can’t find the way to crack that tricky puzzle or clue. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Escape Rooms from Epic Escapes

Epic Escapes has created a groundbreaking escape room starter pack that can be expanded with optional packs. The base game includes 3 different distinct escape rooms included with their own narrative storyline, puzzles and brainteasers. Take on a crime boss in the Crime escape room, a rogue captain in Piracy and the assailants of a plane in Hijack. Test your problem-solving skills, your mental agility and your lateral thinking and of course, have fun!


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