Brainteaser #13 – A Near Perfect Day

Brainteaser - An Almost Perfect Day

Dear Diary,

I woke up bright and early at 9 o’clock today. I first went downstairs and drank a glass of water and brushed my teeth. After, I ate an orange, 2 bananas and a piece of toast with Marmite. I then went cycling for one hour and came home and showered at around eleven. I cooked a pizza and ate a slice or 2. In the evening, I did my usual walk for 60 minutes. It was pretty hot, twenty-one degrees to be precise. Later, I went to a mate’s and watched Man City beat Man Utd 3 goals to nil.

I had a pretty perfect day except for one thing, my laptop keyboard broke.

Can you figure out what is wrong with it?

There are quite a few numbers in this passage of text, both numerical and text. However, the number ‘1’ is never used. The only number not shown as a number is 1. All the others are either mentioned solely as numerical or as both numerical and text (e.g. the number 2). The number ‘1’ on the keyboard broke.

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