Brainteaser #24 – The Match Trick

Here’s a riddle that you can prove at home (granted adult supervision)! It’s very clever and interesting to watch.

A waiter proposes a challenge. If you win, free drinks all night!

But, if you lose, then you must pay them a hefty tip!

The waiter brings out an empty glass, cork, a box of matches and a plate. They pour water on the plate, just enough to cover the surface.

The challenge is to get the water from the plate into the glass without picking up the plate itself. You can only use the objects supplied.

Can you do it?!

Show Answer

You begin by pushing the match into the cork. Place this in the middle of the plate with water on it.

Then, light the match and place the upturned glass onto the plate, over the match. The flame heats the air inside the glass, which increases the air pressure. This forces some air out of the glass, which causes a vacuum effect within the glass.

Eventually, the match goes out and the rapid change in pressure means the water is sucked up into the cup!

Voila! The water is inside the cup, and you didn’t even need to touch the plate. Free drinks all night!

You can this trick in action here. 

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