WIN Escape Room In A Box (3in1)

Win the Epic Escapes Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) (worth £99!) for three great escape games (includes Hijack, Piracy and Crime) and the kit for future expansion packs – all in one box.

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At Home Escape Room In A Box

Here’s what a few of our customers are saying…

“My family and I had so much fun and can’t wait to keep going with the challenges. Very easy to set up and everyone enjoyed them selves. Highly recommend!!”

“I had a hilarious evening with friends at home completing one of the games. Cleverly constructed and It really is a great way of spending time with friends. You can use time and time again with a different group of friends and I thoroughly recommend this game To all.”

“There is so much you can do and fun for everyone at the safety of your own home. Everything is so well made and easy to set up. Great family fun.”

“Love doing Escape Rooms and this is a great alternative to do at home! Great fun for a group of family or friends, its amazing the changes you won’t notice in your own home! Can’t wait to try an expansion pack!”

“I came across Epic Escapes while looking for something we could do as a family. I have 3 children aged 11, 10 & 5 and whilst it is a little too challenging for the younger two my eldest son really enjoyed it and was able to actually decipher more than my husband! It was really enjoyable to watch and take part in. Easy to set up, simple instructions and an easy guide for the ‘lead’ if any clues were required. The family managed to complete the beginners [game] in 49:37mins. Really looking forward to trying the Intermediate level with other family members aswell.”

“We had such a good time – great game for groups of friends or family. The box comes with the starter equipment and three different escape games of different difficulty and they’re really well thought out and presented. Having the starter pack and then being able to buy expansion games to keep playing new ones is a great idea, really looking forward to playing again!”



You will need to work fast to save the plane, crew and 170 passengers! Do you have what it takes to unravel the clues and puzzles to work out the hijacker’s plan before it is too late?

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Your ship’s captain is a traitor! He is diverting the vessel to a warlord and delivering a dangerous cargo into lethal hands. Can you and your team use the clues to escape and stop a catastrophe?

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Housesitting can be dangerous when your friend turns out to be a mafia boss and you are locked in his panic room! Logic and lateral thinking are needed to escape before the oxygen runs out.

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How It Works

How It Works


Just enter your name and email below to enter. We’ll also send you a free brainteaser each week (you can unsubscribe easily at any time)…